Why Organic?

Better for You

Eating organic food reduces your exposure to pesticides. Delicious tasty food, as Mother Nature intended!

Better for the Wildlife

Organic farms play a vital role in protecting our pollinators and beneficial insects. On average, there is 50% more wildlife on organic farms than non-organic.

Better for the Planet

Organic works with nature, not against it. Meaning organic farmers use natural methods that aim to minimise disruption to the environment. Organic farming uses less energy, and produces lower emissions

Better for Animals

The soil association has the highest standards for animal welfare in the UK. Farm animals are raised in spaces that suit their natural behaviours and have space to graze, roam and there is no use of antibiotics

We’re proud to be backed by The Soil Association, the UK’s largest organic certification body. Learn more about The Soil Association, what they do, and what they stand for here.

By supporting organic businesses you are supporting, and increasing the demand for organic farming practises.

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