Food that’s good for your health, and a business that’s good for the planet 

We believe in doing all that we can to preserve the planet.

That’s why we’ve ensured that all of our organic meals are packed and delivered in 100% compostable containers, and our outer packaging is fully recyclable.

We didn’t stop here though. With deliveries going out weekly, we’re aware of the Co2 emissions impact this could have, that’s why we’ve committed to making every delivery we make carbon neutral. To do this we’ve partnered with DPD, under their carbon neutral commitment.

We’re passionate about driving change, and will continue to take further steps towards sustainability as our business grows.

Learn more about our packaging:

Our food trays can be composted commercially; either by the council or using a food waste composting machine. If composting is not an option, the lining can be removed, and the base recycled as paper. Our trays are made from cellulose pulp. Pulp comes from woodchips harvested from FSC certified forests and is 100% compostable in its own right, the lining in produced using a combination of corn and potato starch and an organic material derived from oil creating a 100% compostable material. The lining is then laminated to the pulp base resulting in a 100% compostable tray. The sealing film is made of cellulose which is again derived from trees and is 100% compostable.

To recycle your packaging, please follow these instructions: 

- The paper outer can be put in your household recycling bin.

- You can recycle the rest of your packaging by peeling away the layer of starch film lamination covering your food container, and recycling the remainder with paper.

- To compost your packaging, the entirety of the base can be composted by the council (inclusive of the film).

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