Our Story

After being publicly fired on BBC’s The Apprentice, our founder managed to secure an investment from another (even better) Alan and in 2018, Equals Health was launched with a simple question:

How can we make healthy organic food easily accessible to everyone?

Since then, our mission has been to create a range of tasty and nutritious organic meals that we think you, the customer, will absolutely love.

Using only the best ethically sourced organic ingredients, everything is sliced, chopped, cooked and packed in the Equals Health kitchen by our team of expert chefs – as mother nature intended, no additives, no sweeteners, no pesticides, all love.

We’ve put all our efforts into creating the finest range of frozen and grab & go organic meals, made with only the best ingredients. Ethically sourced, lovingly made and safely delivered straight to your front door.

Revitalize your body and reconnect with mother nature today! 

We are a certified organic business

We are proud to work alongside The Soil Association – Equals Health is a fully certified Organic business.

A 2015 report from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization stated that, globally, 25 to 40bn tonnes of topsoil is eroded away, mainly from ploughing and intensive cropping. The situation is so severe that Farmer’s Weekly magazine announced in 2014 that we may only have 100 harvests left. This harsh degradation of Britain’s topsoil is down to decades of artificial fertilisers and mechanisation killing the natural ecosystems of the land.

Organic farming practices help to fight this problem and preserve our ecosystems by promoting natural farming methods and rejecting harmful pesticides and chemicals.

So, let’s all say NO to the modern industrial farming damaging our lands and say YES to organic!

Healthy organic food equals health

We are on a mission to save the planet!

Each fresh, organic meal is packed and delivered in our compostable containers. The rest is fully recyclable!  

You also have the option to send the outer packaging that your organic meals were delivered in back to us to be reused another day. Simply follow the instructions on the inside fold of your parcel.

Try from our range of frozen or grab and go organic meals

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Eating well, staying fit and keeping healthy

Nothing is more important than keeping your body and mind feeling fresh and healthy, they are your most priceless possessions.

Our fresh, organic meals are nutrient rich and packed with all the protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals you need to boost physical performance levels, reduce fatigue and improve overall mood.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle, revitalise your mind or simply improve your overall diet, our organic meals have you covered.

But don’t just take our word for it, try some of our organic meals out and feel the benefits for yourself.

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