With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, this year’s season of The Apprentice is cancelled. Fortunately, the BBC are providing viewers with a highlight reel from episodes of previous series to enjoy in the meantime. In the spirit of giving viewers their Apprentice fix until it’s back on our screens, we spoke to season 13 semi-finalist Harrison Jones on his time during the show, having the first Apprentice-baby, and receiving investment for his company from a different Alan!

“I applied for The Apprentice because I had this idea of a healthy eating brand but didn’t have the money or following to get any sort of head start, so I went on for the exposure and possible investment.”

Starting up businesses are naturally chancy pursuits but for Harrison Jones, risking his entrepreneurial reputation on national television for the sake of his company receiving the exposure and investment it needed was almost the obvious answer.

After reaching the semi-finals, Lord Sugar decided that Harrison wasn’t the right fit for his business needs; firing him and bringing any hope of investment from the multi-millionaire to a swift halt.

“One of the reasons that Mr Sugar didn’t choose to invest was because it was a business that I had no experience with. Food wasn’t something I was involved with previously; I hadn’t even worked in kitchens and he tended to work with businesses that were already set up and established.

“I wasn’t happy with this at first, but in hindsight makes complete sense.”

After leaving the show, Harrison took advantage of his now healthy online following on sites like LinkedIn to state that he was still going ahead with his business ventures.

“I then found my now business partner who funnily enough is also called Alan, and after a few meetings with him, he put in a six-figure investment. I guess he was putting more of an investment in me because like Lord Sugar said, I’d had no experience and it was just an idea I shared with him.

“He definitely bought into the idea of healthy eating and trying to create a household name in healthy food the same way there is with fast food.

“I think he was quite excited by that. Obviously, it would be a long journey, but he was up for joining me on it, which is amazing.”

Investment for his company wasn’t the only thing that Harrison took away from his time on The Apprentice. Shortly after their season had finished, he and co-star Michaela Wain revealed they had found love on the show, and during the launch event of his organic food company, Equals Health, the pair announced they were expecting a child together – the first ever Apprentice-baby!

“It obviously changed everything – I’ve been able to continue with everything, there’s just more pressure on things when I’ve got to be in several places at once because Michaela and the baby live up in Bolton and I live in Watford.

“Grayson is amazing. I’ve gotten through the initial difficulty of being a first-time dad and the company is still going.

“You could argue the timing wasn’t ideal, but I don’t think the timing will ever be right to have a child, especially when you’re running a company.”

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